Art classes... it all starts with an idea

SK-ART'S aim is to create a safe space where people can come and share lived experiences around mental health, create art that they can take home. The idea is to promote art and mental health wellbeing, building social connections, self-esteem and releasing the stresses of daily life.


Abstract self-expressionsism

Mandals are used to focus the mind in meditation. Carl Jung describes a mandala as a 'representation of the unconscious self'.

Simple stencilled canvases are provided, with space for creating your own patterns, using your own choice of coloured paints or pens.


Group abstract self-expressionism

Building social connections whilst working as a small team to create a painting of expressive brushstrokes, splats of paint, colours that each of you are drawn to. The aim of the group painting is to build self-confidence, friendships and it incorporates collaborative teamwork.


self-expressionism with stencils and mixed media

Sometimes we don't have the words to express how we feel, this class is a chance for individuals to create an abstract painting and then add stencilled words or handwritten words in scribbles to express how they felt during the process of creating, or anything they feel like writing down, dreams, desires, fears. The process of putting words to the meaning of the painting.


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